Durum semolina bread (semola rimacinata di grano duro)

In Italy, bread is more than something to toast in the morning or to hold a sandwich together. For us, bread is even more than just a food, it’s almost sacred. Bread is tradition, substance, culture. It’s a must have staple. In the Italian popular culture, if you have bread, you are not poor. Bread is good, essential,…

Chocolate swirl bread

I am absolutely a breakfast person. I love that quiet and peaceful moment (yes, even if it lasts only 5 minutes) for myself at the start of each day. It makes me feel happy about the day ahead.  I especially like breakfast type food. As a child, I could eat breakfast food all day, everyday. There are so many…

Spelt Sourdough Focaccia

It’s time to introduce you to one of my favorites: focaccia!  Do you know it? It’s the older sister (well, maybe…cousin) of pizza. 2000 years older. It’s a flatbread, simple in its recipe and rustic in its shape, yet flavorful and versatile. It pairs well with almost anything!  Its origin goes back to ancient Greece, Carthage, Roma…Early…

Pumpkin dinner rolls

Sourdough pumpkin dinner rolls have a soft crumb and a vaguely sweet flavor, you can eat them with anything, either sweet or salty. They are awesome and so festive!

Fluffy sourdough milk buns

I find that baking definitely is a therapy. Actually cooking in general is a good way to relax, but baking is the ideal mix of challenging and satisfying. It absorbs you so much you have to leave your thoughts behind…and focus. The sourdough creation that Gelsomino and I are going to share today is a…

My first pagnotta

Today let me introducing you my first sourdough pagnotta (italian way to describe a rustic hard-crusted rounded loaf with a soft center).

How Gelsomino was born

Some months ago, returning home after two years living in Argentina, I thought it would have been nice to have a little bubbly fermented friend who supports me in this new start. So I gave birth to Gelsomino, my liquid sourdough.